Admission Process

A student has to fill in legibly the application form for Admission in his/her handwriting in Capital Letters only. 

 Application form is to be countersigned by Parents / Guardian.

Procedure of Admission :

A student has to fill in legibly the application form for Admission in his/her handwriting in Capital  Letters only.

 Application form is to be countersigned by Parents / Guardian and shall be accom-  panied by the following documents :
i) Originals with Two true copies of the qualifing examination, Mark sheet & School/College Leaving   Certificate.
ii) Migration Certificate and Eligibility Certificate from R.T.M. Nagpur University, if necessary .
iii) E.B.C. Concession form,  G. O. I. Scholarship & Freeship Form for S.C., S.T., S.B.C., & O.B.C. iv) Two photographs of passport  size of which one is to be pasted on  the  space  provided  in the   application form and the other for Identity Card.
Every application for admission  shall  have  to  be registered by  paying  a  non-refundable Registra tion Fee of Rs. 10/- at the registration counter.
vi) The last date for registration shall be 10th day from the announcement  of the result of the qualifying examination.
vii) The Principal reserves the right to reject admission to  any candidate provisionally  selected for  admission without assigning any reason.
viii) The students provisionally admitted will be required to deposit the entire amount of opening dues  at the time of admission. The student who fails to pay  the dues  shall forgo his/her claim for admission.
ix) The Admission shall be treated as final  only  when  the  opening  dues  have  been paid by the
 selected candidate and an entry to that effect has been made in the Identity Card which must be complete in all respects.
x) Once the option of subject and  medium is exercised by the student thereafter no change will be  allowed. Students are expected to attned the subject and medium as per their option.

Norms of Admission :

a) First Preference to the College Students :
 All the students of our College who have passed the qualifying examination in the preceding University Examination shall be admitted out-right without any merit criterion prior to which registration will be necessary within the prescribed time. This includes students obtaining ATKT facilities by the R.T.M. Nagpur University.

b) Reservation of Seats :
 Reservation policies shall be implented in admission for the backward students as per Maharashtra State Govt's rules.

c) Physically Handicapped Candidates :
 In accordance with the University Grants Commission recommendations (circular dated 29-11-83) made to the University and colleges, some seats shall be reserved for the Physically Handicapped Students.  No   specific quota has been prescribed by the U.G.C. for such admission. However the candidates falling in this category shall submit medical report by the competent authority at the time of college admission. He/She will be given admission without applying merit criterion.

d) Reservation of Seats for Wards of College Employees  :
 Wards of the College employees shall be admitted to any class of the College on preferential basis without any merit criterion provided they apply for admission within the prescribed date fixed by the college. The term ward includes son, daughter, brother and sister only.

e) Open Merit Admission  :
 Students of other schools and colleges will be admitted strictly on merit basis.