Late Shri Annasaheb Gundewar
Founder Secretery
Late Shri Annasaheb Gundewar
Leader of Masses
Founder Secretary of Village Uplift Society,Nagpur

Late Shri W. G. Gundewar was also a freedom fighter and was a close associate of Late Shri Dadasaheb Kannamwarji. He played major role in establishing the Village Uplift Society. He was also the regional Convener of Bharat Sevak Samaj, which organized various progammes for the youth in the country. Late Gundewarji organized various work camps for the students. Later on he became the chairman of the Agriculture Committee of Zilla Parishad, Wardha. Annasaheb Gundewarji died on  29/9/1974.

Annasaheb Gundewar in whose name this college is dedicated was born in the year 1918 at Hinganghat. Though born in extreme poverty he never allowed poverty to overtake his passion, devotion and commitment for social services.  He was associated with Bharat Sewak Samaj and was elected as its State Convener.  The founder of Kannamwargram, a village development project run by the Village Uplift Society, he has been remarkable in his notable contributions, efforts and initiatives for the development of this institution and society.  We have great respect for him.